• Welcome the

      TANGO-Circular Project

      "Training a New Generation of Farmers and Agricultural Entrepreneurs"

      TANGO-Circular Project’s purpose is to explore innovative training and implement leading-edge solutions with a view to valorizing natural waste and exploring new opportunities for economic growth in agriculture while implementing the concept of Circular Economy. One of the means to achieve this goal is to make the training material developed within the TANGO-Circular project accessible through ICT tools.

    • Needs and PEST Analysis

      The TANGO- Circular project aims to provide specific training to agricultural workers and relevant stakeholders to enable solutions for a sustainable agricultural waste management and footprint reduction. But first two studies (Training Needs and Specifications and PEST Analysis) were carried out to analyze the needs on which this training material will be based and the Political Economic, Social and Technological situation in the partner countries.

      The reasons underlying Training A New Generation of farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs

      At the core of this project rests the realization that agricultural waste, through its proper management and integration into the supply chain, could make a decisive contribution to both improving the economic contributions of agricultural entrepreneurs and the environmental sustainability of their products. In view of the above, there is a need to provide solutions, good practices, technical references and collection systems for the sustainable management of waste at the end of its life cycle, which is currently not provided for throughout Europe. 

      How to implement?

      An asynchronous e-training platform will be designed to facilitate training and information sharing. Participants will be able to log in from any location to download and/or share documents, presentations, video-tutorials, lectures, as well as send emails to their peers and/or teachers. The training program consists of 9 different modules. The implementation within the project will be as follows: • 2 hours of face-to-face lessons • 2 hours of demonstration at the Rural Lab • 2 hours practical training at the Rural Lab • 2 hours of online learning. However, use of the platform is not limited to this training program. You can access training materials from the platform whenever and wherever you want.

    • Training A New Generation Of farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs - Training Programme

      In today's dynamic agricultural landscape, innovation and sustainability are key drivers of success. Our training programme, designed to empower a new generation of farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs, is here to lead the way.

      Addressing Real Needs Our journey began with a thorough analysis of needs, utilizing tools like PEST analysis, skills validation, aggregation , and consensus on specifications. This approach unearthed critical insights into the current and future training requirements in agriculture. From embracing innovation to mastering essential skills, we are committed to addressing these needs comprehensively.

      The Modules That Matter Our programme consist of a range of modules, including "Classification of Agricultural Biomass," "Biomass Valorization," "Waste & Biomass Legislation," and more. Each module is carefully crafted to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a circular economy.

      Turning Waste into Resources One of our core focuses is transforming what is traditionally seen as "waste" into valuable resources. Whether it's agricultural biomass, agro-food by-products, or plastic waste, our programme teaches innovative ways to harness these materials for economic and environmental gains. 

      A Sustainable Future for Agriculture By training the next generation of agricultural leaders, we're not just preparing them for today's challenges; we are building a sustainable future in agriculture. Our e-training platform, enriched with diverse resources and practical insights, makes learning accessible and adaptable to individual needs. 

       Join Us in This “Circular Journey” We invite you to be part of this transformative journey in agriculture. Together, we'll champion circular economy principles, boost economic returns, and ensure the long-term environmental sustainability of agricultural practices. Let's build a brighter future for agriculture, one innovation at a time.